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NJPAC Presents PSEG True Diversity Film Series: The Black Experience in Business
Please find the link to view Boss: The Black Experience in Business. The link will be active until January 18. We encourage everyone to view the film prior to the panel. Then, join us for a virtual panel discussion with the producer and director, Stanley Nelson at 7 PM on Monday, January 18

Link: https://vimeo.com/369405086
PW: bossnowm

Join us for the next PSEG True Diversity Film screening at NJPAC, when we’ll look at the long and inspiring history of Black business leadership and Black entrepreneurship, and how both have impacted the social justice movement.

Before we meet, we’ll screen the PBS documentary Boss: The Black Experience in Business, which explores the ways Black innovators and executives have climbed the corporate ladder — or built companies of their own — and then used their positions to help their communities.


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